SCSF Volunteer Commitment


Our Club is run entirely by volunteers. Without volunteers, our Club would not exist as we’d have no one to manage the Club at the Board level, or be able to host events including test sessions, critiques, competitions (e.g., Skate San Francisco, Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals), and our fund-raising Gala.

Volunteer Hour Commitment

SCSF has instituted a new commitment request for volunteer hours supplied by its members. Club events and operations require considerable amounts of preparation and execution time, all done by volunteers. This is true for clubs across the country, many of whom have formal volunteer hour commitments or policies in place.

In an effort to get our members engaged to help, the Club has instituted a new ‘volunteer commitment’ that every member, or family, should participate in and contribute to each season. Simply put, the commitment states that we are asking every member to donate 2 hours of your time helping out at a Club event or activity. Any family with 3 or more members should volunteer a minimum of 5 hours total.

These hours can count toward any volunteer hours that may be required by members for various different reasons, such as school applications, etc. The Club will be happy to document volunteer hours required for school or other community service activities.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a positive experience, a chance to have some fun and get connected with the Club and its members. We are hoping people will want to help out…it feels good to help!

There will be many opportunities, so it shouldn’t be difficult for members to meet this obligation. Some of these opportunities could be at Skate SF, the Gala, test sessions, attending the annual meeting…any in person club activity that requires someone to spend time preparing for to make it happen.

It’s a great way to help out, get involved, meet other club members, make new friends and contacts…and have some fun at the same time!

Volunteer Tracking

Every event will have a chairperson, or someone in charge, who will have a list of the volunteers who have signed up. When you have completed your shift, you simply have the person in charge at the event check you off as having fulfilled your shift with the number of hours donated. The chairperson with give this information to the Membership Chair who will record and track the hours in your Entryeeze account. You can check on your hours any time you wish.

Volunteer Hours Unfulfilled?

You weren’t able to fulfill your volunteer commitment? No problem! We are asking any member or family who was unable to fulfill their volunteer commitment hours by the end of the season, to make a tax-deductible donation to our Hickox Memorial Fund, in lieu of their hours…suggested minimum of $50, or whatever you can afford. These donations will go directly back to athlete support programs. In this way, you can still take part in the process and commitment to supporting our athletes.

Volunteering is Rewarding

Volunteering can be very rewarding, and even fun, and it leaves you with a very good feeling afterward knowing that you’ve helped someone out! It is the hope of the SCSF that every member will step up and pitch in to help with our club events as part of a team to make these events fun and enjoyable, for all our members.

There are many, many age-appropriate tasks and duties at our events to fit the ages of any of our members, and no amount of help is too little! All will be appreciated immensely and with your contribution of help and time, our skating club and community will be working as a team and that much better for it!

Thank you, in advance, for your help. It is greatly appreciated!
The Skating Club of San Francisco, Inc.

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