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SCSF Testing Policies

Download 2024 Policies and Fees in PDF Format Here

Testing Priority 

  1. First priority has always been (and will continue to be) given to SCSF skaters who MUST take a test by a deadline in order to qualify to compete per US Figure Skating rules. 
  2. Second priority then goes to SCSF home club members in good standing and is in chronological order of receipt of applications on Entryeeze by test chair. 
  3. Third priority then goes to associate club members, again in chronological order of applications. 
  4. Last priority goes to applicants who have no SCSF affiliation. (non-members) 

NOTE: From time to time the club may hold special test sessions for a number of individuals in a discipline for which it is not always easy to obtain judges, ex. Dance or Pairs. In this situation, first priority will be given to skaters testing in that discipline, followed by the priority order listed above. 


Testing Policies, Changing Dates & Refunds 

1. Test application deadlines shall be 2 weeks prior to the test date, depending on judge availability. 

2. Late applications will be accepted solely at the discretion of the test chair, only if there is room on a session, and no skaters back logged waiting to test. Late applications will be subject to an additional $15 fee. 

3. Once the application is received and the coach approves the test and date, there is no changing of test dates unless by reason of injury or illness supported by a doctor’s letter, or a death in the immediate family. (DO NOT apply for a test until it is ready to test!) 

4. If you have your test withdrawn for any reason other than the aforementioned including, but not limited to, your coach not approving your test application, there will be no refund issued. 

5. If you ask to change your test date because you are not ready, there will be no refund issued and you will go to last priority on the list. 6. If information on the test application is incorrect and the test is voided by the U.S. Figure Skating Central Office, no refund will be issued. 

7. If you do need to change your test date, request must be in writing (email) to the test chair, a board member, or the membership chair, who will forward the request to the test chair. 

8. If SCSF needs to cancel a test date for any reason, the club will either issue a test credit or reschedule the test, whichever the applicant prefers. 

9. If SCSF needs to reschedule a test for any reason, the test chair will notify the applicant as soon as possible about a new test date. If the applicant cannot make that date and a new date cannot be agreed upon, the club will issue a refund or test credit. 

Associate Member fee: $40 per session in addition to test fee — Non-Member fee: $85 per session in addition to test fee 

IJS Protocol for test credit fee: $20 for all disciplines Juvenile Senior 

PLEASE NOTE: The club will endeavor to keep information posted on the club website and on Entryeeze as current as possible. If you do need to contact the test chair, membership chair, board member, etc., please remember that these are volunteers who are helping out to make the club run smoothly. Treat them with respect; without them we wouldn’t have the programs we offer. 

Dated: February 12, 2018 

Updated: 7/9/2018, 7/31/2018, 9/23/2018, 6/9/2019, 11/1/2020, 4/2/2021, 4/2/2022, 2/27/2023, 4/27/2023, 5/7/2023, 7/6/2023 

SCSF Board/dc 

Moves in the Field (Skating Skills) Free Skate Singles
Pre-Preliminary$50.00Pre-Preliminary - no music$50.00
Preliminary$55.00Pre-Preliminary - with music$50.00
Pre-Juvenile - (Pre-Bronze)$60.00Preliminary$55.00
Juvenile – (Bronze)$65.00Pre-Juvenile - (Pre-Bronze)$55.00
Intermediate – (Pre-Silver)$65.00Juvenile – (Bronze)$60.00
Novice – (Silver)$65.00Intermediate – (Pre-Silver)$60.00
Junior – (Pre-Gold)$65.00Novice – (Silver)$60.00
Senior – (Gold)$70.00Junior – (Pre-Gold)$60.00
Adult Pre-Bronze$55.00Senior – (Gold)$65.00
Adult Bronze$65.00Adult Pre-Bronze – no music$50.00
Adult Silver$70.00Adult Bronze$60.00
Adult Gold$70.00Adult Silver$65.00
Adult Intermediate$70.00Adult Gold$65.00
Adult Novice$70.00Adult Int./Pre-Silver$65.00
Adult Junior$75.00Adult Novice/Silver$65.00
Adult Senior$75.00Adult Junior/Pre-Gold$70.00
Adult Senior/Gold$70.00
Partnered Pattern Dance – per dance Solo Pattern Dance - per dance
Partnered Free Dance Solo Free Dance
Adult Pre-Bronze$40.00Adult Juvenile$40.00
Adult Bronze$50.00Adult Intermediate$50.00
Adult Silver$50.00Adult Novice$50.00
Adult Gold$60.00Adult Junior$60.00
Virtual Tests Adult Senior$60.00
Home Club Member$30.00Pairs Free Skate
Associate Member$35.00Juvenile$45.00
Non-Club Member$40.00Intermediate$50.00
Adult Bronze$50.00
Adult Silver$55.00
Adult Gold$60.00

Testing Patches

Please note: If a Home Club or Associate member wishes to receive a test patch for a previously taken test, it is the responsibility of the skater to provide proof of the test to the test chair. Proof must include the date of the test, where the test was taken (host club) and home club membership status at time of test. Log in to your account at US Figure Skating in members only and print a copy of your test record to supply as proof. If the member tested on an SCSF test session, the test chair will handle obtaining the patches and presenting them to the skater. If the member tested with another club, we will order the patch for you but the skater must pay the purchase price. Thank you for your understanding. 

Yerba Buena Ice Skating & Bowling Center

750 Folsom St.

San Francisco, CA 94107

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