Test Sessions Available to Our Skaters


Virtual Test Sessions

We will hold monthly virtual test sessions.

Key deadlines:

  • Virtual Test Registration – First Friday of every month
  • Test Video and Forms Submission – Third Friday of every month

Register for Virtual Tests on Entryeeze.

Within 3 days after the registration deadline, we will send each registered skater and their coach a link to a Google folder where the video and forms can be uploaded. The links will be sent to the email address on file in EntryEeze, please make sure that address is up-to-date.

Download Virtual Test forms here.

Virtual Testing Timeline

  • First Friday – registration deadline
  • Second Monday (or sooner) – skaters and coaches receive link to Google Drive Folder
  • Third Friday – Video and Form submission deadline
  • Fourth Friday (or sooner) – Skaters and Coaches receive test results

Virtual Test Submission Guidelines

  • Record in landscape orientation at the highest resolution possible (720p minimum)
  • There should be no more than 8 skaters on the ice during the test
  • No background music can be playing during moves tests
  • Record a date and time stamp and an introduction of the skater and test at the beginning of video
    • It is best to have the phone sitting on the boards and get a long close-up shot of the screen, rather than have the skater hold the phone. If the skater is far away or the text on the phone is low contrast, it can be very hard to read.
  • Videos must be taken no earlier than 30 days before the video submission deadline
  • The video must be continuous and unedited.
  • Record from near the red line (don’t follow your skater around the ice)
  • Keep the skater filling most of the frame, and in view from head to toe.
  • For more information: USFS Virtual Testing Video Requirements (Updated 12/1/2022)
  • Please name all uploaded files using the format: FirstName_LastName_TestLevel_NameOfForm (Example: Suzy_Skater_IntermediateMIF_Affidavit)
  • Freestyle & Free Dance Tests need to submit Planned Program Content in addition to the Affidavit and Release Form

MUSIC FOR TEST SESSIONS: Please bring your music on a phone or mp3 player. Rink music is available for regular YBISBC skaters.

Signup for tests on Entryeeze.
Log in to your account and navigate to “Test Sessions”.
Please read the Testing Policy

We try our best to accommodate all test applications, but please note per the Testing Policy, test applications ARE NOT CONFIRMED until the release and confirmation of the schedule. Registration for a test date is not guaranteed until judges, test priority and other factors have been considered. All planned test dates are listed below and on the club calendar.


SCSF is currently planning additional Test Sessions. Registrations will open once we have a complete panel of judges confirmed. As soon as dates have been set they will be posted here and our calendar.


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