Test Registration

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Please read the Testing Policy

We try our best to accommodate all test applications, but please note per the Testing Policy, test applications ARE NOT CONFIRMED until the release of the schedule. Registration for a test date is not guaranteed until judges, test priority and other factors have been considered.


TEST DATES (all sessions at YBISC):

6/1/19, Saturday 6:15-7:45am – Open

6/8/19, Saturday 6:45-7:45am – Open – Single Panel (Preliminary & Lower, Adult Pre-Bronze)

7/6/19, Saturday 7:00-8:30am – Registration not yet open

7/13/19, Saturday 6:45-7:45am – Single Panel (Preliminary & Lower, Adult Pre-Bronze) – Registration not yet open

8/3/19, Saturday 6:15-7:45am – Registration not yet open

Future test dates have not yet been determined. Dates will be posted when available.

MUSIC FOR TEST SESSIONS: Please bring your music on a phone or mp3 player. Rinkmusic is available for regular YBISC skaters.

Questions: test.chair.sf@scsf.org