Test Passed 2023

2021-22 | 2024

December 2023

With Honors **

SkaterTest Name
Claire Kim **Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Victoria Maclay **Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Abigail Wong **Bronze Singles
Sean AngAdult Gold Singles
Harlow BenitezPre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Violet BraleyPreliminary Skating Skills
Matthew ChanPreliminary Skating Skills
Sophia ChanFourteenstep (Follow Solo)
Megan DalyPre-Silver Singles
Addie HansonPreliminary Skating Skills
Michelle HuangPre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Selina KaldykulovaPre-Bronze Skating Skills
Ellen KeslerRhythm Blues (Follow Solo)
Ellen KeslerCanasta Tango (Follow Solo)
Ellen KeslerPreliminary Dance Test (Follow Solo)
Sophie KeslerRhythm Blues (Follow Solo)
Sophie KeslerCanasta Tango (Follow Solo)
Sophie KeslerPreliminary Dance Test (Follow Solo)
Michelle MaydanKilian (Follow Solo)
Michelle MiltonbergerPre-Gold Skating Skills
Francesca NgPreliminary Singles
Luccia PanelliBronze Skating Skills
Ria SirotaPre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Ria SirotaPreliminary Skating Skills
Mathilde SkalbergBronze Dance Test (Follow Solo)
Mathilde SkalbergPre-Gold Skating Skills
Mathilde SkalbergHickory Hoedown (Follow Solo)
Mathilde SkalbergTen-Fox (Follow Solo)
Mathilde SkalbergWillow Waltz (Follow Solo)
Evie SverbilovPre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Sophie WallPre-Bronze Skating Skills
Megan WongPre-Preliminary Singles

November 2023

With Honors **

SkaterTest NameResult
Sean AngAdult Gold Skating Skills 21+Passed
Madelynn BartonPre-Bronze Skating SkillsPassed
Kyra ChaiPre-Silver Dance Test (Follow Solo)Passed
Kyra ChaiFoxtrot (Follow Solo)Passed
Kyra ChaiFourteenstep (Follow Solo)Passed
Kyra ChaiEuropean Waltz (Follow Solo)Passed
Alexandra ChanGold Skating SkillsHonors
Soleste ChenPre-Preliminary SinglesPassed
Gwenaelle DelaplancheAdult Intermediate Skating Skills 21+Passed
Tiffany HuaPre-Preliminary SinglesPassed
Crystal HuangPre-Gold Skating SkillsPassed
Kally HungPre-Preliminary SinglesPassed
Lexie Kemp-DahlbergPre-Silver Skating SkillsPassed
Camila LachmanFiesta Tango Adult 21+ (Follow Partnered)Honors
Camila LachmanPre-Bronze Dance Test Adult 21+ (Follow Partnered)Passed
Ella LiangPre-Preliminary Skating SkillsHonors
Luka MakinoPreliminary SinglesPassed
Clara MoriPre-Bronze Dance Test (Follow Partnered)Passed
Clara MoriCha Cha (Follow Partnered)Passed
Clara MoriFiesta Tango (Follow Partnered)Passed
Clara MoriSwing Dance (Follow Partnered)Passed
Alice NickolovBronze SinglesPassed
Paula SantosWillow Waltz Adult 50+ (Follow Solo)Passed
Paula SantosHickory Hoedown Adult 50+ (Follow Solo)Passed
Paula SantosTen-Fox Adult 50+ (Follow Solo)Passed
Paula SantosBronze Dance Test Adult 50+ (Follow Solo)Passed
Mathilde SkalbergCha Cha (Follow Solo)Honors
Mathilde SkalbergSwing Dance (Follow Solo)Passed
Mathilde SkalbergFiesta Tango (Follow Solo)Passed
Mathilde SkalbergPre-Bronze Dance Test (Follow Solo)Passed
Ann TullyBronze Skating SkillsHonors
Anastasia YakovlevPre-Preliminary SinglesHonors
Irene YangPre-Bronze Skating SkillsPassed
Yoon Sun YangAdult Pre-Bronze SinglesPassed
Yoon Sun YangAdult Bronze Skating Skills 21+Passed
Angela YouPre-Bronze SinglesHonors
Angela YouSilver Skating SkillsPassed
Angela YouBronze SinglesPassed
Vivian YuanPre-Preliminary SinglesPassed
Annabeth YuenPre-Preliminary Skating SkillsPassed

October 2023

With Honors **

SkaterTest Name
Aleena Chan **Pre-Preliminary Singles
Annabel White **Pre-Preliminary Singles
Ashley Hua **Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Aubrey White **Pre-Preliminary Singles
Elaina Li **Dutch Waltz (Follow Solo)
Elaina Li **Canasta Tango (Follow Solo)
Elaina Li **Rhythm Blues (Follow Solo)
Elaina Li **Cha Cha (Follow Solo)
Elaina Li **Fiesta Tango (Follow Solo)
Elisabeth Robinson **Pre-Bronze Singles
Fiona Yin **Pre-Preliminary Singles
Francesca Ng **Pre-Bronze Skating Skills
Irene Yang **Pre-Preliminary Singles
Jada Campbell **Willow Waltz (Follow Solo)
Jada Campbell **Ten-Fox (Follow Solo)
Sylvia Chung **Pre-Bronze Skating Skills
Sylvia Chung **Preliminary Singles
Vella Solovieva **Preliminary Singles
Abigail KopmanPre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Abigail WongBronze Skating Skills
Addison LiPre-Bronze Skating Skills
Aleena ChanPreliminary Skating Skills
Alexander OuPre-Bronze Skating Skills
Alexis BoshernitsanPreliminary Skating Skills
Alina FengPre-Bronze Skating Skills
Ashley Kwan-LuiPreliminary Skating Skills
Ashley NesciPre-Preliminary Singles
Carmen BartonPre-Bronze Skating Skills
Chloe YuenPre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Eileena TsuiGold Skating Skills
Elaina LiPreliminary Dance Test (Follow Solo)
Elaina LiPre-Bronze Dance Test (Follow Solo)
Elaina LiSwing Dance (Follow Solo)
Fairuz El GuerrabPre-Silver Skating Skills
Fairuz El GuerrabPreliminary Singles
Jada CampbellHickory Hoedown (Follow Solo)
Jada CampbellBronze Dance Test (Follow Solo)
Jamie HuangPre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Lucida ChenSilver Skating Skills
Megan WongPre-Bronze Skating Skills
Mieke ThompsonPre-Bronze Skating Skills
Millicent HuPre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Naomi NgPre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Patrycja KowanetzPre-Bronze Skating Skills
Ruby ZhangPre-Bronze Skating Skills
Sierra ChowPre-Silver Dance Test (Follow Solo)
Sierra ChowFourteenstep (Follow Solo)
Sierra ChowFoxtrot (Follow Solo)
Sierra ChowEuropean Waltz (Follow Solo)
Sophie CaoPre-Bronze Skating Skills
Summer WangPreliminary Skating Skills
Taylor ChowPaso Doble (Follow Solo)
Taylor ChowBlues (Follow Solo)
Victoria BaranPre-Bronze Skating Skills
Vienna NgPre-Preliminary Skating Skills

September 2023

With Honors**

SkaterTest Name
Yara Barghout **Pre-Silver Skating Skills
Sophia Chan **Ten-Fox (Follow Solo)
Addie Hanson **Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Corrine Huang **Pre-Preliminary Singles
Sophia Lourenco **Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Luka Makino **Pre-Preliminary Singles
Chelsea Wadsworth **Adult Pre-Bronze Singles
Chelsea Wadsworth **Adult Pre-Bronze Skating Skills
Summer Wang **Pre-Preliminary Singles
JoJo Wu **Bronze Skating Skills
Landon CalannioAdult Silver Singles
Sophia ChanWillow Waltz (Follow Solo)
Sophia ChanBronze Dance Test (Follow Solo)
Sophie ChanBronze Skating Skills
Soleste ChenPreliminary Skating Skills
Bernice ChoBronze Skating Skills
Tiffany HuaPre-Bronze Skating Skills
Summer HuangPre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Kally HungPre-Bronze Skating Skills
Alina KapkaPre-Bronze Skating Skills
Milana KirnosovaPre-Bronze Skating Skills
Kaila LanceBronze Skating Skills
Clementine LangPreliminary Skating Skills
Sophia LourencoPreliminary Skating Skills
Alexander OuPreliminary Skating Skills
Emma SunSilver Skating Skills
Jamine WuPreliminary Skating Skills
Jamine WuPre-Preliminary Skating Skills

August 2023

With Honors **

SkaterTest Name
Clare Fayad **Pre-Silver Singles
Remi Klasen **Pre-Silver Skating Skills
Julie Kokes **Adult Pre-Bronze Skating Skills
Jocelyn Zhao **Preliminary Singles
Victoria AstretsovaPre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Lucida ChenPre-Silver Singles
Audrey ChiuPre-Silver Singles
Lexine FloresPre-Gold Skating Skills
Helena FuDutch Waltz (Follow Solo)
Helena FuCanasta Tango (Follow Solo)
Helena FuRhythm Blues (Follow Solo)
Helena FuPreliminary Dance Test (Follow Solo)
Lucy GinisBronze Skating Skills
Ellen KeslerBronze Singles
Sophie KeslerBronze Singles
Camila LachmanAdult Silver Skating Skills 21+
Eva NichterPre-Gold Skating Skills
Tina YangPre-Gold Skating Skills

July 2023

With Honors **

SkaterTest Name
Rachel Farabee **Willow Waltz (Follow Solo)
Rachel Farabee **Hickory Hoedown (Follow Solo)
Chloe Lee **Pre-Silver Singles
Angela You **Pre-Preliminary Singles
Aleena ChanPre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Elise CorderoPre-Bronze Skating Skills
Avery DeckerPre-Bronze Skating Skills
Leslie DuskinAdult Junior Skating Skills 21+
Rachel FarabeeBronze Dance Test (Follow Solo)
Rachel FarabeeTen-Fox (Follow Solo)
Clare FayadGold Skating Skills
Lara IrmakPre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Ellen KeslerBronze Skating Skills
Sophie KeslerBronze Skating Skills
Ada KoftinoffPre-Preliminary Singles
Patrycja KowanetzPreliminary Skating Skills
Darren LiuBronze Singles
Anne NakaoSilver Skating Skills
Alexander OuPre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Viana PhamGold Skating Skills
Ariana TaoSilver Skating Skills
Joanna TsePre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Jocelyn TsePre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Sophie WallPreliminary Skating Skills
Annabel WhitePre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Aubrey WhitePre-Preliminary Skating Skills
Michael XieGold Singles
Angela YouPreliminary Singles

April 2023

With Distinction ***
With Honors **

SkaterTest Name
Abigail Wong ***Preliminary Free Skate
Matthew Chan **Pre-Preliminary Free Skate
Lucida Chen **Intermediate Moves In The Field
Soleste Chen **Pre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
Ava Hu **Intermediate Moves In The Field
Alina Kapka **Pre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
Clementine Lang **Pre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
Clementine Lang **Pre-Preliminary Free Skate
Emi Le **Solo Hickory Hoedown
Emi Le **Solo Willow Waltz
Chloe Lee **Solo Dutch Waltz
Chloe Lee **Solo Canasta Tango
Chloe Lee **Solo Rhythm Blues
Chloe Lee **Solo Preliminary Dance Test
Sarah Radman**Pre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
Isabelle Wang**Preliminary Moves In The Field
Yessenia Witzil **Pre-Juvenile Free Skate
Victoria BaranPreliminary Moves In The Field
Jessica BatbilegSenior Moves In The Field
Isabelle BoshernitsanIntermediate Moves In The Field
Matthew ChanPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
Bernice ChoPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
Sierra ChowNovice Moves In The Field
Sylvia ChungPre-Preliminary Free Skate
Sylvia ChungPreliminary Moves In The Field
Vivian ContrerasPreliminary Moves In The Field
Nesma El HattabIntermediate Moves In The Field
Melissa HongPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
Ava HuPre-Juvenile Free Skate
Kally HungPreliminary Moves In The Field
Selina KaldykulovaPreliminary Moves In The Field
Alina KapkaPreliminary Moves In The Field
Emi LePre-Preliminary Free Skate
Emi LeSolo Ten-Fox
Emi LeSolo Bronze Dance Test
Atalante LouisPreliminary Moves In The Field
Pearl NwankpaPreliminary Moves In The Field
Luccia PanelliPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
Talia PrimerIntermediate Moves In The Field
Sophia RadmanPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
Elisabeth RobinsonJuvenile Moves In the Field
Vella SolovievaIntermediate Moves In The Field
Anais TaffinIntermediate Moves In The Field
Ann TullyPreliminary Moves In The Field
Isabelle WangPreliminary Free Skate
Abigail WongPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
Summer WangPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
Eowyn WassmanPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
Yessenia WitzilJuvenile Moves In the Field
Kyle WongPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
Sayaka WongPreliminary Moves In The Field


March 2023

With Honors **

SkaterTest Name
Rika Frenkel **Preliminary Free Skate
Raven Myles **Preliminary Moves In The Field
Isabelle Wang **Pre-Preliminary Free Skate
Julian ChanSenior Moves In The Field
Dominic ChanJunior Moves In The Field
Sierra ChowSolo Bronze Dance Test
Sierra ChowSolo Hickory Hoedown
Sierra ChowSolo Willow Waltz
Sierra ChowSolo Ten-Fox
Selma El GuerrabNovice Moves In The Field
Alina FengPre-Preliminary Free Skate
Reina FrenkelPreliminary Free Skate
Rika FrenkelJuvenile Moves In the Field
Ivannah GutierrezIntermediate Moves In The Field
Melissa HongPre-Preliminary Free Skate
Braylin LevincePre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
Darren LiuIntermediate Moves In The Field
Luka MakinoPreliminary Moves In The Field
Michelle MiltonbergerNovice Moves In The Field
Eva NichterSolo Swing Dance
Eva NichterSolo Cha Cha
Eva NichterSolo Pre-Bronze Dance Test
Eva NichterIntermediate Free Skate
Alice NickolovPre-Juvenile Free Skate
Alice NickolovSolo Dutch Waltz
Irene YangPreliminary Moves In The Field

February 2023

** With Honors

SkaterTest Name
Clare Fayad **Juvenile Free Skate
Alexa Hamilton **Pre-Juvenile Free Skate
Callie Kaufman **Pre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
Mathilde Skalberg **Juvenile Free Skate
Eileen Zhao **Intermediate Moves In The Field
Jessica BatbilegNovice Free Skate
Sophie ChanPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
Sylvia ChungPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
Alexa HamiltonIntermediate Moves In The Field
Alyssa HoPreliminary Moves In The Field
Alyssa HoPre-Preliminary Free Skate
Crystal HuangNovice Moves In The Field
Remi KlasenJuvenile Moves In the Field
Jessie LiPreliminary Moves In The Field
Dalia MaydanSolo Bronze Dance Test
Dalia MaydanSolo Willow Waltz
Dalia MaydanSolo Hickory Hoedown
Dalia MaydanSolo Ten-Fox
Michelle MaydanSilver Dance Test
Michelle MaydanTango
Michelle MaydanRocker Foxtrot
Michelle MaydanAmerican Waltz
Emilie MayerNovice Moves In The Field
Michelle MiltonbergerJuvenile Free Skate
Rebecca MishellPre-Preliminary Free Skate
Daniella ParkSolo Cha Cha
Daniella ParkSolo Fiesta Tango
Daniella ParkSolo Swing Dance
Daniella ParkSolo Pre-Bronze Dance Test
Yishun QinPreliminary Moves In The Field
Livy SeffPre-Preliminary Free Skate
Alexandra ShiffIntermediate Moves In The Field
Bianca SzetoPreliminary Moves In The Field
Natalie ValdesSolo Rocker Foxtrot
Natalie ValdesSolo Tango
Sophie WallPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
Cameron WeeJunior Moves In The Field
Lauren WongPreliminary Moves In The Field
Richelle WongPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
Richelle WongPre-Preliminary Free Skate
Ruby ZhangPreliminary Moves In The Field

January 2023

With Distinction *** With Honors **

SkaterTest Name
Sophia Chan ***Solo Cha Cha
Sophia Chan ***Solo Fiesta Tango
Chloe Lee ***Junior Moves In The Field
Sophia Chan **Solo Swing Dance
Corrine Huang **Pre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
Ashley Kwan-Lui **Pre-Preliminary Free Skate
Yoon Sun Yang **Adult Pre-Bronze Moves in the Field
Sean AngAdult Silver Free Skate
Hannah ChanJunior Moves In The Field
Sophia ChanSolo Pre-Bronze Dance Test
Alexei FolgerAdult Silver Free Skate
Reece HamiltonTango
Louie JeungPre-Juvenile Moves In The Field
Milana KirnosovaPreliminary Moves In The Field
Anne NakaoJuvenile Free Skate
Francesca NgPre-Preliminary Moves In The Field
Alice NickolovIntermediate Moves In The Field
Emma SunJuvenile Free Skate
Megan DalySenior Moves In The Field
Kaila LancePreliminary Moves In The Field
Addison LiPreliminary Moves In The Field
Christina LouieAdult Pre-Bronze Moves in the Field
Christina LouieAdult Pre-Bronze Free Skate
Alexa HamiltonSwing Dance
Alexa HamiltonCha Cha
Alexa HamiltonFiesta Tango
Alexa HamiltonPre-Bronze Dance Test

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