SCSF Members Win Awards in National Qualifying Series

SCSF would like to congratulate our skaters who participated in the national qualifying series and received the following awards.
The National Qualifying Series (NQS) is a series of official U.S. Figure Skating approved competitions hosted individually by member clubs nationwide that are held in a standard format and in which athletes earn official scores towards a sectional and national rank.
All competitors received certificates, and those competitors that were in the top 50% of the country received a silver pin, those in the top 25% received a gold pin, all other competitors received a multi-color pin.

SCSF National Qualifying Awards Winners

  • Competitor Aleksandra Aktan
  • Competitor Ariana Tao
  • Competitor Felicity Aktan
  • Competitor Gabriel Lan
  • Competitor Joelle Faybishenko
  • Competitor Madison Sass
  • Competitor Toni En
  • Gold Emilia Murdock
  • Gold Kate Wang
  • Gold Sierra Venetta
  • Silver Christy Lu
  • Silver Dinh Tran
  • Silver Emma Pfister