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Skate San Francisco 2019 Entry registration is closed and we are not accepting any late entries.

View or Download the Schedules Here:

August 16, 2019 Friday Schedule

August 17, 2019 Saturday Schedule

August 18, 2019 Sunday Schedule

We need Volunteers throughout the weekend. SIGN-UP HERE!

SCSF members have through May 28th to register for the series. Note, this is STEP ONE of the new qualifying pipeline and participating athletes must register for each NQS separately, STEP TW0, in addition to the qualifying season from July 15th through September 1st, STEP THREE.

For more information- The updated LOC EMS Guide HERE (with table of contents), in addition to SKATER and COACH guides.

Detailed information regarding the competition can be found HERE in PDF FORMAT.

**Note to Skaters: Locker rooms will not be available to competitors as dressing/changing rooms. We strongly recommend that all skaters come dressed and ready to compete.

Skate San Francisco 2019 – August 16 – 18, 2019 is open to all skaters eligible under U.S. Figure Skating (USFS) rules. The competition has been selected to be part of the National Qualifying Series (NQS) for singles and pairs events at Juvenile through Senior levels.  Skate San Francisco has also been selected to participate in the USFS Icemen Program.

The NQS competitions designated in each of USFS section (Eastern, Midwest, Pacific Coast) take place from June 1, 2019- September 15, 2019. Skaters must register with U.S. Figure Skating by the May 28th, 2019 deadline to participate in the NQS series.  By registering to participate,  skaters will have the final event score for their singles and pairs events submitted to the National NQS database that ranks skaters in each section by their respective event.

Skaters may compete and earn points in NQS competitions throughout the U.S. but their scores will be totaled for the section (e.g. Pacific Coast) that they designated when they registered to participate. At the conclusion of the NQS series in September, the 6 skaters with the highest scores in their event class, e.g. Intermediate Ladies, will receive automatic byes to compete directly in their respective sectional championships. However, they may compete at their regional competition without losing their spot at the sectional championship, regardless of their placing at the regional event.  Pairs skaters who are in the top 6 scoring ranking in their section may have a bye for their sectional event and compete directly in their national competition. They also have the option to compete at their sectional event without losing their spot at their national event.  Please note that skaters not registered in the NQS series are eligible to compete in Skate San Francisco and any other regional non-qualifying competition, but they will not accumulate any points toward a bye.

Skate San Francisco will be held at Yerba Buena Ice Skating Center in San Francisco. The competition will utilize the mini-system with video replay for all IJS singles and pairs events, and, skaters may request copies of their IJS free skating event scores to submit for future free skating test credit.  Critiques will be offered upon request for qualifying singles and pairs events (Juvenile through Senior).


Skate San Francisco is sanctioned by U.S. Figure Skating.



The Skating Club of San Francisco, Inc.

P.O. BOX 320457


Yerba Buena Ice Skating Center

750 Folsom St.

San Francisco, CA 94107

(415) 820-3521

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Skate San Francisco
August 16-18, 2019

Skate San Francisco 2019