SCSF would like to congratulate our skaters who participated in the national qualifying series and received the following awards.
The National Qualifying Series (NQS) is a series of official U.S. Figure Skating approved competitions hosted individually by member clubs nationwide that are held in a standard format and in which athletes earn official scores towards a sectional and national rank.
All competitors received certificates, and those competitors that were in the top 50% of the country received a silver pin, those in the top 25% received a gold pin, all other competitors received a multi-color pin.

SCSF National Qualifying Awards Winners

  • Competitor Aleksandra Aktan
  • Competitor Ariana Tao
  • Competitor Felicity Aktan
  • Competitor Gabriel Lan
  • Competitor Joelle Faybishenko
  • Competitor Madison Sass
  • Competitor Toni En
  • Gold Emilia Murdock
  • Gold Kate Wang
  • Gold Sierra Venetta
  • Silver Christy Lu
  • Silver Dinh Tran
  • Silver Emma Pfister
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