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Over the last few years, US Figure Skating has developed and implemented mandatory coaching requirements including background screenings and national coaching standards, in an ongoing effort to make sure all of its member athletes are safe and protected while participating in any USFS sanctioned event. This includes test sessions, competitions, club ice, shows, etc. For more information on the many programs USFS offers, visit

The Professional Skaters Association (PSA), with members worldwide, is recognized by US Figure Skating as the official coach’s education, accreditation and training program in the sport of figure skating. They are specifically designed to address coach education, and do so through a variety of education opportunities for their members including yearly Summits/Conferences along with seminars and webinars throughout the country. The PSA also has a Ratings system (which recognize the coach’s ability as an instructor) and a Ranking system (based on their student’s accomplishments). For more information on the benefits of PSA membership, visit

USFS has partnered with the PSA to provide continuing education programs and training for every one of its coaches year-round. Part of this joint effort included the implementation of the SafeSport program with such success as to become the model for other sports’ National Governing Bodies (NGB’s) to follow as they roll out the program in other youth sports.

There are strict codes of conduct and tenants of professionalism that must be adhered to. Other coach compliance requirements include the following:

a) Must be a current USFS member in good standing
b) Must complete yearly background check
c) Must complete yearly SafeSport training
d) Yearly Continuing Education Requirements (CER’s) for the current season (4 courses)
e) Provide Proof of Liability Insurance
f) PSA membership (required for qualifying competitions only)

The end goal of all this work is to provide a safe, protected environment where the athletes can safely train, focus, and excel at skating, away from any sort of improper conduct.

The Skating Club of San Francisco requires and expects each and every one of its coaches to be fully compliant with USFS compliance requirements. We are committed to the safety of our athletes and take these requirements seriously. This includes monitoring of our test sessions and competitions to make sure each coach has successfully completed their compliance requirements before participating in any sanctioned event. While SCSF does not employ or hire any coaches, we offer a Coach membership to individual instructors who teach private lessons and, therefore, monitor coach compliance as a condition of membership.

The following list contains pertinent information about coaching requirements and their status for coaches who are current members of The Skating Club of San Francisco.


FS = Free Skating | MIF = Moves in the Field | DNC = Dance | CHOR = Choreography | TOI (SFIT) = Theatre on Ice | SYNC = Synchronized Skating | PRS = Pairs | FIG = Figures | OIT = Off Ice Training

Rating Level 

M = Master | S = Senior | C = Certified | R = Registered

Rating Discipline

FS = Free Skating | M = Moves in the Field | P = Pairs | PD = Program Director | G = Group | C = Choreography | D = Dance | FD = Free Dance | S = Synchronized Skating | F = Figures

Rating Level + Rating Discipline = Rating Name; ex. MFS = Master Free Skating

SCSF Coaches

Last NameFirst NameDisciplines TaughtPSA MemberRatings HeldRankings HeldContact EmailContact Phone
AydinZeynepFS, SYNCX----------628-529-5340
Caudill-BauerGretchenFSüRFS, CG-----760-390-9407
CorbiellDonFS, MIF, DNC, CHOR, OITüMFS, MMLevel IV415-637-5482
CrandellJeffFSüRFSLevel V650-278-3981
DakddukSusanFS, DNCü----------415-378-4985
DavisDeborahFS, MIF, CHORüRFS, RM-----415-350-6390
De GrootAlexandraFSü----------925-623-3173
DubrovskiyStepanFS, DNCX----------669-600-9202
JacksonSuzyFS, DNCX----------415-725-9553
LewisAlyssaMIF, DNCü----------408-730-4458
MaierJodieFS, MIFüRFS, RM-----415-519-4845
MarlinskiRobynFS, SYNC - skating school directorX----------650-483-8314
Nieman-SmithJenniferFS, MIF, CHORü----------415-722-0147
PonomarenkoSergeiDNC, MIF ü----------408-476-0083
ScaliMassimoFS, CHORü----------248-804-9804
ScottPaigeFS, CHOR, SFIT - rink managerü----------415-351-8337
VachonLouisFS, MIF, CHOR, SFITüMM-----415-577-6886
VanValkenburgCynthiaFS, MIF, PRS, DNCüMP, MG, MFS, MPD, MM, SDLevel V510-427-5915
WolkinLindseyDNC, MIF, SYNCüMM, CS-----216-288-1212

Yerba Buena Ice Skating & Bowling Center

750 Folsom St.

San Francisco, CA 94107

(415) 820-3521

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