The SCSF Coaches Support Policy

The SCSF Coaches Support Policy is designed to help facilitate the betterment of our coaches through educational events and continued training programs presented by either US Figure Skating or the Professional Skaters Association (PSA), and to help alleviate the burden of some annual expenses incurred by our professional coaches, by providing financial support for eligible expenses.

Please see the following for details on eligibility and procedures for applications.

Eligibility: To be eligible for financial support, a coach must have been a SCSF Coach or Home Club Adult member for a minimum of 3 consecutive years prior to any application for reimbursement, and must be a current member in good standing with SCSF in the year the application is submitted. Coaching must be their major source of income, not a side job. The coach must be both self-designated as a coach and coach-compliant with US Figure Skating, and must also maintain, at minimum, a PSA Registered Rating in any discipline. In addition, a coach applying for financial support must have volunteered a minimum of 5 hours total at any club sponsored events or club operations, for the fiscal year in which the application is submitted, if such events are available.

Expenses: Expenses eligible for reimbursement include registration fees for seminars, conference/summit, ratings, etc. and associated travel expenses such as airfare and hotel. Other expenses eligible are annual expenses for items including, but not limited to, CER’s, Liability Insurance, PSA membership, etc. To be eligible, expenses must be directly related to the coaching occupation or to an eligible coach’s education event through either US Figure Skating, the PSA, or other recognized figure skating organization (ex. ISI or Skate Canada). Food and beverage expenses will not be considered. Membership fees paid to SCSF are not reimbursable expenses, nor are any monies or fees paid to SCSF for any reason.

Procedure: The coach must submit an application to the Board, through any current board member, outlining the nature of the request, detailing the breakdown of the expenses involved, the event, date, location if applicable, and any other information pertinent to the application. Original receipts in the applicant’s own name must be provided by the coach for all applications for financial support under this policy. Applications must be submitted in the same fiscal year (Sept. 1 – Aug. 31) in which the expenses are incurred. It is the coach’s responsibility to obtain proof of volunteer hours from the Club for the application and to make sure all criteria are met.

Reimbursement Amounts: The amount of the reimbursement is based on the coaches SCSF membership category (i.e. SCSF Coach or Home Club Adult) and on the level of the coach’s PSA ratings. The total amount that any one individual may be reimbursed for expenses for an application is subject to a maximum limit decided annually by the Board, and will be a tiered percentage of that limit, based further on the level of any PSA Ratings held by the coach. (Ex. A Home Club Adult Member may be eligible for 100% of the max. amount, whereas an SCSF Coach Member eligible for 80% of max. amount. Additionally, this amount will be subject to a tiered percentage based on PSA Ratings from Master, Senior, Certified, or Registered, at 100%, 80%, 60%, or 40% percent, respectively.)

The Skating Club of San Francisco, Inc. Board of Directors
Posted: 10/6/2020

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