SafeSport Compliance

All Board members of The Skating Club of San Francisco, Inc. (SCSF), are required to complete SafeSport training and certification.  Board members must complete SafeSport training and certification by September 30th of the new fiscal year for their initial term on the Board.  Certification will be valid for two years.

SafeSport training and certification is required for SCSF member coaches.

Training and certification is highly recommend for volunteers serving in administrative capacities, including but not limited to Test and Membership Chairs, Club Session Monitors, and Parent Liaisons.

Compliance requirements can be found here:


To report an incident occurring at or on SCSF ice, please contact:

SCSF SafeSport Certified Members

  • Sam Singer – Safe Sport Chair
  • Don Corbiell – Membership Chair, SCSF Coach, Safe Sport Coordinator
  • Shirley Schorer –Communications Officer


Yuliya Aktan SCSF Coach
Li (Kelly) Cao SCSF Coach
Ashley Clark SCSF Coach
Don Corbiell SCSF Coach, Membership Chair, Safe Sport Coordinator
Jeff Crandell SCSF Coach
Susan Dakdduk SCSF Coach
Deborah Davis SCSF Coach, Coach Liaison
Alexandra De Groot SCSF Coach
Stepan Dubrovskiy SCSF Coach
Glen Guevarra SCSF Coach
Elizabeth Handley SCSF Coach
Chantal Hersey SCSF Coach
Suzanne Jackson SCSF Coach
Marina Klimova SCSF Coach
Alyssa Lewis SCSF Coach
Laura Lipetsky SCSF Coach
Jodie Maier SCSF Coach
Robyn Marlinski SCSF Coach, Skating School Director
Andrea Massarelli SCSF Coach
Kim Micheff Associate SCSF Coach
Jennifer Nieman-Smith SCSF Coach
Victoria Park SCSF Coach
Dennis Phan SCSF Coach
Serguei Ponomarenko SCSF Coach
Paige Scott YBISC Manager/SFIT Coach
Stephanie Snider SCSF Coach
Louis Vachon SCSF Coach, SFIT Coach
Cynthia VanValkenburg SCSF Coach
Taylor Walker SCSF Coach
Melinda Walroth Speer SCSF Coach
Ashante Wheatley SCSF Coach
Lindsey Wolkin SCSF Coach, Tremors Coach


  • Jessica Gaynor – President
  • Sarah Hamilton – Vice President
  • Sam Singer – Treasurer
  • Caroline Emmett – Secretary
  • Leslie Duskin, Test Chair
  • Alexei Folger
  • Kevin Winston



Yerba Buena Ice Skating & Bowling Center

750 Folsom St.

San Francisco, CA 94107

(415) 820-3521

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