Junior Council

Contact Chloe Moreno, for skating and activity schedule.


President: Chloe Moreno
Co-Vice Presidents: Christy Lu and Madison Sass
Treasurer: Becca Mishell
Secretary: Michelle Maydan

Council Members:

Elaina Li, Kyra Chi, Lucida Chen, Emilie Mayer, Rachel Farabee, Eva Nichter, Audrey Chiu, Gaby Garba, Anaïs Taffin, Jessica Batbileg

Mission Statement – Participation, Objectives & Goals

All Home Club Junior Members of The Skating Club of San Francisco, Inc., from the ages of 8 through 18, during the Club’s current fiscal year are eligible to participate as members of the Junior Council.

The Junior Council’s goals are to help Junior members develop organization and leadership skills through the planning and management of fund-raising activities to support social activities, such as holiday parties and picnics, along with providing volunteer services to support Club events, including Skate San Francisco and Silver Spin.

The Junior Council shall have its own officers elected annually at the beginning of the Club’s fiscal year by Junior member peers (ages 8-18 years). These officers shall include: President; Vice President; Secretary; and Treasurer. Oversight of the Junior Council will be provided by a designated Home Club Adult member.

The Junior Council shall have at least four regularly scheduled meetings throughout the Club’s fiscal year and shall send a representative officer to report on the Junior Council’s activities to the Club’s board meetings at the Annual Meeting and at regularly scheduled Board meetings on a quarterly basis.

Reconciliation and oversight of the Junior Council’s bank account shall be the joint responsibility of the Junior Council Treasurer and the Treasurer of the Club.

Yerba Buena Ice Skating & Bowling Center

750 Folsom St.

San Francisco, CA 94107

(415) 820-3521

Skate San Francisco 2024

August 23-25, 2024
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