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Well, here we are again, at that time of year when we need to start thinking about renewing for the coming season, 2024-25, which begins on July 1, 2024.  Unless you have renewed prior to then, your current membership will expire with SCSF and USFS.

I’m pleased to let you know that due to some wonderful donors and sponsors, great fundraising events, and strong event oversight, there will be no increase in membership dues this season!

We will be opening up the Entryeeze system for renewals beginning May 28th, 2024.  If you’ve never been a member of USFS and you are just joining the club, please remember that your membership with USFS begins on July 1, 2023.  Introductory members will not be able to sign up for tests or competitions until that date.  If you are already a club member, your current membership is good until June 30th, so you are covered for testing and competing straight through. 

In what seems to be a sign of the times, USFS notified all member clubs that they are once again raising the rates that we pay to register your tests.  After last year’s hike of 33%, this year’s 25% hike leaves us with an overall rate hike of 40% in just two years for the test registration fees that we pay. I have a proposal in to USFS as a way of lowering these fees. We’ll keep you posted on this issue. 

Renew early to get the most out of your membership, but whatever you do, renew before June 30, 2024 in order to vote in the club election which is upcoming this summer.

PLEASE MAKE SURE, when renewing this year, you take a moment to update your contact information, using these links, both in EntryEeze and then on the USFS site in Members Only, and check the following:

  1. Spelling of names must be exactly the same on both sites and any applications you put in to compete.  If they are different the system flags them as unverifiable.
  2. Check yourphone numbers and email addresses and update if there are any changes to either.  We need to be able to contact you efficiently!
  3. Check to make sure you have your USFS number entered in your Entryeeze account. If you are an Introductory member, you can get your number from me at and then put it into your account.
  4. If you are a Home Club member and you also skate on a team, please remember that you must have at least one Parent membership with SCSF.  You cannot be a parent member of SCSF if your child has a home club elsewhere!

Watch for information and updates from the club in our club newsletter and through Entryeeze emails. This past year has been a great season for our athletes! We hosted a very successful competition along with our equally successful Annual Gala! NQS Skate SF 2024 is sure to be a great competition this year! We look forward to an even more successful year and would love for you to, once again, be there with us! 

And so, on behalf of the Board of Directors of The Skating Club of San Francisco, Inc.,

Welcome back to what’s sure to be another exciting season with the SCSF!

Warm Regards,
Don Corbiell – President, Membership Chair
The Skating Club of San Francisco, Inc.

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