Grant Policy: Rev. 7-17-14, updated 5-29-18, SCSF Board Approval, 9/22/2018

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to provide supplemental financial support to The Skating Club of San Francisco (SCSF) Home Club applicants in addition to the basic support provided in order to help competitive skaters and officials with their related expenses and provide guidance in financial support decisions.

Policy: Financial assistance grants to eligible SCSF Home Club members will be made in accordance with IRS guidelines for reimbursement of expenses, up to a maximum amount to be determined annually by the SCSF Board. A Grant Committee reviews applicant requests with recommendations made to the SCSF Board for final approval. The recipient and the Board will keep grant requests and awards confidential.

Eligibility Requirements: Individual applicants must be SCSF Home Club members for at least three (3) years from the date of the grant application. Individual skaters (standard track) must have passed their Juvenile Moves in the Field (MIF) and Juvenile Free Skating (FS) tests or higher. Adult skaters must have passed their Silver MIF and Silver FS tests or higher. Standard track pair and dance teams must be competing at the Novice level or higher. Tremors and San Francisco Ice Theatre teams must be competing at the Novice level or higher. Home Club officials may request reimbursement for travel and seminar fees required for obtaining and/or continuing education requirements for their respective judging, technical panel, and accounting requirements.

Eligible Expenses: Eligible expenses are those defined by the IRS as expenses incurred for: travel; seminar fees; coaching; equipment and costumes; and, practice ice not reimbursed by US Figure Skating.

Note: Any expenses that would be payable to SCSF such as the club’s, test and competition entry fees, and membership fees are not eligible for reimbursement.

Approval Process: All requests for grants must be documented on the SCSF Grant Application, initially reviewed by the Grant Committee, who will then make recommendations for final approval to the SCSF Board.

Board Member Conflict of Interest Statements: Board members will be required to complete a conflict of interest disclosure form and must abstain from discussion and voting on any application for which the Board member has identified a conflict.

Grant Application:

Download the Grant Application Here

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San Francisco, CA 94107

(415) 820-3521

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