The Skating Club of San Francisco, Inc.

P.O. BOX 320457

Board Officers

President: Don Corbiell
Vice President: Jean Teng
Treasurer: Krista Brasseaux
Secretary: Lisa Chang

Members at Large

Alyssa Lewis Board Member annd Test Chair
Diane Zhou Board Member at Large
Joy Jin Board Member at Large


Coaching Liaison: Don Corbiell


Communications Team: Jean Teng and Kathy David
Competitions Chair: Sam E. Singer, Jr.
Finance Chair: Krista Brasseaux
Membership Chair:
Don Corbiell
SkateSafe Coordinator: Sam E. Singer, Jr.
Test Chair: Alyssa Lewis
Junior Council Chair: Madison Sass and Jessica Batbileg (Co-Presidents)


SF Ice Theatre Directors: Doris Cundy and Jessica Palmer
Tremors Synchro: Lindsey Wolkin, Director

Rink Contacts

Yerba Buena Ice Skating & Bowling Center
750 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 820-3521
Paige Scott, Manager
Bonnie Legg, Group Events

The SCSF Board of Directors meets once a month. Please contact the Secretary for the Board meeting schedule and meeting minutes.

Meet Our Board

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Don Corbiell, President

Don Corbiell Membership Chair SCSFDon first joined the SCSF 25 years ago. He is originally from outside of Calgary, Canada and was in the CFSA, now known as Skate Canada.

Don grew up in a very small village (350 people) in rural Alberta, Canada and was either working on a farm or in the oil field every summer. He went to school in Standard, Alberta, Canada from Grade 1 through 12, all in the same school. His graduating class, combined with the 3 neighboring towns, was the biggest in the school’s history – 36 of them all together!

Here in the US, Don was a member of Peninsula. He has been a coach at Yerba Buena for 20+ years, Skate San Francisco Registrar, and a SCSF member for about 23 years.

Don is currently the Membership Chair and takes care of all applications and renewals for SCSF, as well as any issues relating to membership, that our members may encounter along the way.

Don will tell you the highlight of his figure skating career, hands down, was being chosen personally by Dorothy Hamill as her #1 boy to skate a number every night while they were on tour.

Outside of skating, Don plays the piano and writes music, knits big wonderful sweaters, and loves to cook. He is a backyard astronomer and likes to do a little astrophotography from time to time.

Don is currently accepting new students.

Jean Teng, Vice President

Jean Teng SCSFJean joined the SCSF in 2011. She is originally from Palo Alto, CA. Currently along with being a Competitive Adult Skater, Jean serves as Vice President, Communications Chair, and Social Media Coordinator for SCSF.
Jean considers her greatest accomplishments on the ice as being a Medalist at Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals, US Adult Nationals, and participating in the ISU Adult Competitions in Oberstdorf & Vancouver, and the Gay Games IX & X.

By profession, Jean is an Attorney. She enjoys traveling and is an avid SF Giants baseball fan.

Jean is a former USAG certified gymnastics coach. She has visited over 65 countries and 24 MLB baseball stadiums.

Lisa Chang, Secretary

Lisa ChangLisa grew up watching Michelle Kwan and always had a special spot for figure skating in her heart. She is originally from Taiwan and moved to San Francisco in 2002. She first joined the Skating Club of San Francisco in 2016 when her daughter started skating. Ever since, skating has played an important part in her daily life. Besides SCSF, Lisa is also currently serving as a team manager for the San Francisco Ice Theatre.

Lisa is honored to be a Board Member of the Skating Club of San Francisco. She looks forward to serving more families in various ways.

Krista Brasseaux, Treasurer

Krista joined the SCSF in 2020. She is originally from the Boston suburbs and joined the SCSF when she moved to San Francisco for work and began skating again as an adult. She has been the Treasurer of the SCSF since 2022.

Krista has been skating since she was young and continued through college at the University of Delaware, where she served as the UD Collegiate Figure Skating Club president. As an adult, Krista has competed in the Adult Jr-Sr. Masters event and considers her greatest skating accomplishment to be qualifying for US Adult Nationals in 2022. 

By profession, Krista works in Internal Audit. Outside of work and skating, she enjoys skiing and movies.


Paige Scott, Vice President and General Manager of YBISBC

Paige ScottPaige Scott has been involved with the San Francisco Skating Club for 23 years. She is originally from San Francisco and first skated with the Peninsula Club.

Paige is the Vice President and General Manager of YBISBC Arena. She also is an Advisor and has been a Professional skater for over 30 years. Paige serves as choreographer and both directs and produces Ice Shows. She is a Coach for the Ice Theatre of San Francisco.

Her life is devoted to Ice Skating. She is a Certified Arena Manager, Operations, Programing, and Skating Director.

Paige is currently accepting new students.

Yerba Buena Ice Skating & Bowling Center

750 Folsom St.

San Francisco, CA 94107

(415) 820-3521

Skate San Francisco 2024

August 23-25, 2024
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