Candidate Biographies for the 2024 Board Election

BerBer Xue

My name is BerBer Xue and I have been skating at Yerba Buena since 2017, when I re-ignited a childhood wish to learn how to figure skate. I grew up in Toronto, Canada skating recreationally in the winter. Sharing the same birthday as Michelle Kwan, I always felt a draw to the sport and the way skaters meld artistry and athleticism. I am so grateful to be able to be part of the SF figure skating community here at Yerba Buena, which is why I am running for a position on the SCSF Board to give back to the club.

I have experience helping organize the past two SCSF Galas with the club. Outside of volunteering for SCSF, I have experience leading and building community through events and initiatives at employee resource groups at my last two companies and being on the board of a non-profit for women who work in the financial tech industry. I have experience handling logistics, communications, finances/budgets, and marketing for more than 30 events across my extra-curricular commitments.

I look forward to contributing my skills to and getting more involved with the SCSF skating community!

Joanna (Xiangrui) Ren

My journey with the Skating Club of San Francisco began in 2017 when my daughter started skating. Over the past seven years, figure skating has evolved from a hobby for my little girl into a beloved sport for a young lady, and it has taken on a significant place in my heart as well. Our dedication to the sport sees us at the rink six days a week, often starting as early as 6:00 am. I have had the privilege of witnessing my daughter grow up with figure skating, observing how it has shaped her character. The unwavering support from coaches and fellow skaters, the shared joy in her successes, and the collective encouragement during her challenges have transformed the rink into our third home.

Professionally, I have over 30 years of experience in finance and accounting. I currently work for Botbar Coffee, a startup specializing in robotic coffee chain stores, also serve as a senior tax analyst with small business certificate at H&R Block. Additionally, I collaborate with my husband in running a landscape design company operating in both Beijing and the Bay Area. My previous roles include General Manager of the Global Financial Shared Services Center and Finance Director of Integrated Supply Chain at Motorola.

I have actively participated in numerous club activities as a volunteer in the past. Now, I am eager to leverage my professional knowledge and experiences to support the operations and growth of the SCSF. As a parent of a skater, I also aim to share my experiences with other parents to foster the development of young skaters.

I am honored to run for the Board of Directors of the Skating Club of San Francisco and look forward to contributing to the club’s success and the growth of our skating community.

Lisa Chang – Bio

Lisa first joined SCSF in 2016 when her daughter started taking skating lessons. Ever since, skating has played an important part in her daily life. She is originally from Taiwan and moved to San Francisco for college. Lisa is currently the Secretary for SCSF. For the last several years, she has organized the volunteers for many of the club’s large events including the annual gala, Skate San Francisco, and the 2023 Pacific Coast Sectional Finals. In addition to coordinating all of the volunteers, Lisa is serving as Co-Chair of the local organizing committee (LOC) for the upcoming 2024 Skate San Francisco. She was a LOC member for 2021-2023 Skate San Francisco and 2023 Pacific Coast Sectional Finals.

Lisa also served as a team manager for the San Francisco Ice Theatre from 2020 to 2022. Her daughter’s Preliminary team was the National Champion in 2019, and her Novice team won the bronze medal in the National Theatre On Ice in Wichita in 2022.

Lisa is honored to run for the Board of Directors of the Skating Club of San Francisco once again. Responsible and devoted, she looks forward to serving more families in various ways for years to come.


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