2022-2023 Junior Council Board Member Vote

Dear Junior Member,

It is that time of year again when you must choose your new Board of Directors for the Junior Council.  

Complete the form below to cast your vote.

The Jr. Council Board of Directors, this year, will be comprised of:

  • President – Chloe Moreno
  • Co Vice President – Christy Lu
  • Co Vice President – Madison Sass
  • Treasurer – Becca Mishell 
  • Secretary – Michelle Maydan 
  • Council Member – Elaina Li
  • Council Member – Kyra Chai 
  • Council Member – Emilie Mayer 
  • Council Member – Rachel Farabee 
  • Council Member – Eva Nichter 
  • Council Member – Audrey Chiu

You need to decide if you support the listed people as your new Board of Directors, and vote with either a YES, a NO, or ABSTAIN.   A YES vote means you do support this slate of members for the board positions, while a NO vote means you do not support this slate of members for the board positions.  ABSTAINING means that you are choosing not to vote.

You will be notified of the results shortly after the close of the election on July 31 at 5 PM.

Complete the form and mark your choice.  Choose only 1 box below.

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