2019 U. S. Figure Skating Adult National Competition

What a wonderful week at Adult Nationals. We were able to capture a few pictures for our gallery but would love to have more. Please send your photos from the event to and we will add them to the slide show. Congratulations to all the competitors.

SCSF Results

  • Adult Silver Ladies I: Megan Daly- 2nd place
  • Adult Silver Men IV: Alan Lessik- 4th place
  • Adult Silver Ladies II: Leslie Duskin- 1st place
  • Adult Silver Ladies IV: Elizabeth Risberg- 9th place
  • Adult Gold Ladies IV, V: Rebecca Hurst- 6th place
  • Masters Intermediate-Novice Men IV: Ted Gradman- 2nd place
  • Championship Adult Silver Men: Alan Lessik- 12th place
  • Championship Adult Gold Ladies: Amy Pisoni- 7th place
  • Championship Adult Silver Ladies: Leslie Duskin- 1st place; Megan Daly- 6th place
  • Championship Masters Intermediate-Novice Men: Ted Gradman- 7th place
  • Adult Bronze Ladies III: Alexei Folger- 6th place
  • Adult Bronze Solo Pattern Dance: Adrienne Howell: 5th place; Paula Santos 11th place
  • Adult Silver Dramatic Entertainment II: Leslie Duskin- 5th place
  • Adult Silver Dramatic Entertainment IV: Elizabeth Risberg- 2nd place; Alan Lessik- 10th place
  • Adult Bronze Dramatic Entertainment III: Alexei Folger- 8th place
  • Adult Bronze Dramatic Entertainment IV: Paula Santos- 13th place
  • Adult Silver Light Entertainment IV: Elizabeth Risberg- 5th place
  • Masters Dramatic Entertainment I: Merrick Jacob- 3rd place
  • Masters Dramatic Entertainment IV: Ted Gradman- 3rd place
  • Adult Gold Dramatic Entertainment IV: Rebecca Hurst- 3rd place

See all the results of the 2019 Adult Championships at Results

The event was held in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah 04.03.2019-04.06.2019

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