2019 U. S. Figure Skating Adult National Competition

What a wonderful week at Adult Nationals. We were able to capture a few pictures for our gallery but would love to have more. Please send your photos from the event to webmaster@scsf.org and we will add them to the slide show. Congratulations to all the competitors.

SCSF Results

  • Adult Silver Ladies I: Megan Daly- 2nd place
  • Adult Silver Men IV: Alan Lessik- 4th place
  • Adult Silver Ladies II: Leslie Duskin- 1st place
  • Adult Silver Ladies IV: Elizabeth Risberg- 9th place
  • Adult Gold Ladies IV, V: Rebecca Hurst- 6th place
  • Masters Intermediate-Novice Men IV: Ted Gradman- 2nd place
  • Championship Adult Silver Men: Alan Lessik- 12th place
  • Championship Adult Gold Ladies: Amy Pisoni- 7th place
  • Championship Adult Silver Ladies: Leslie Duskin- 1st place; Megan Daly- 6th place
  • Championship Masters Intermediate-Novice Men: Ted Gradman- 7th place
  • Adult Bronze Ladies III: Alexei Folger- 6th place
  • Adult Bronze Solo Pattern Dance: Adrienne Howell: 5th place; Paula Santos 11th place
  • Adult Silver Dramatic Entertainment II: Leslie Duskin- 5th place
  • Adult Silver Dramatic Entertainment IV: Elizabeth Risberg- 2nd place; Alan Lessik- 10th place
  • Adult Bronze Dramatic Entertainment III: Alexei Folger- 8th place
  • Adult Bronze Dramatic Entertainment IV: Paula Santos- 13th place
  • Adult Silver Light Entertainment IV: Elizabeth Risberg- 5th place
  • Masters Dramatic Entertainment I: Merrick Jacob- 3rd place
  • Masters Dramatic Entertainment IV: Ted Gradman- 3rd place
  • Adult Gold Dramatic Entertainment IV: Rebecca Hurst- 3rd place

See all the results of the 2019 Adult Championships at Results

The event was held in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah 04.03.2019-04.06.2019

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