SafeSport Training Policy

Effective June 20, 2014, all Board members of The Skating Club of San Francisco, Inc., (the Club), must complete Safe Sport training and certification by September 30, 2014. All new Board members must complete Safe Sport training and certification by September 30th of the new fiscal year for their initial term on the Board. All Club member coaches, and volunteers serving in administrative capacities, including but not limited to Test and Membership Chairs, Club Session Monitors, Parent Liaisons, must view the Safe Sport training video by September 30th of the new Club fiscal year. For these members, certification is highly recommended but is optional.

To report an incident please contact SafeSport Chair, Sam Singer or contact alternate, Shirley Schorer

Safe Sport Certified Members

Safe Sport Certified Members
Don Corbiell – Membership Chair, SCSF Coach, Safe Sport Coordinator
Shirley Schorer –Communications Officer
Sam Singer – President, Safe Sport Chair
Cynthia Van Valkenberg – Board Member, SCSF Coach
Jennifer Nieman-Smith – SCSF Coach
Jeff Crandell – SCSF Coach
Deborah Davis- SCSF Coach
Lindsey Wolkin – SCSF Coach
Suzy Jackson – SCSF Coach
Emma Beaudin – Secretary
Paige Scott – YBISC Manager/SFIT Coach
Jessica Gaynor – Vice President
Bruce Bell – Co Treasurer
Kevin Winston – Board Member
Crystal Smith – SCSF Coach
Jennifer Schulte – Co Treasurer

Safe Sport Video Training Completed

Jodie Maier – SCSF Coach
Ashante Wheatley – YBISC Skating School Director