Volunteers needed at The 2018 US Figure Skating Championship!

If you are interested in volunteering for the event, scheduled for December 29, 2017 – January 7, 2018 at both Solar 4 America Ice (formerly Sharks Ice) and the SAP Center, please click on the link below and fill out the form to be notified of volunteer openings when they become available in the next couple of months. For questions, please contact us at skatesj2018volunteer@gmail.com.

PLEASE NOTE: No complimentary tickets are issued to anyone, including volunteers. Submission of this form does not guarantee that you will be chosen as a volunteer and is simply to let us know of your interest in participating.


If you are interested in taking a leadership role at the 2018 US Figure Skating Championship, Volunteer Chairs are needed. Please email Carrie Benjamin regarding available positions at carrie@sjsa.org

2017 Holiday Ice Show at YBISC

Sign up now to be part of this San Francisco holiday tradition! Celebrations On Ice, the 2017 Holiday Ice Show at YBISC, is December 15 and 16. Application Deadine for solo/couples/small groups is Oct 15!! For more information on joining the cast of the show as a solo, or as a member of a group act, or as a volunteer, or to get tickets go to http://www.skatebowl.com/ice-skating/figure-skating/shows

2018 U.S. Figure Skating Championships – Ticket info

All-Session and Champions (Senior Free Skate Finals) Ticket packages to the 2018 U.S. Figure Skating Championships are on sale now! Call Matt Hill directly at the SAP Center at 408-977-4736 or email mhill@sharkssports.net for more information. Be sure to mention the Skating Club of San Francisco when purchasing so that our Club can earn incentives! Visit www.skatesanjose2018.com for event information.

Junior Council Elections

This is Shannon Lin and Jenny Mao, the Co-Presidents of the Junior Council.

It is time for our 2017 Junior Council elections! We encourage all junior home club members to apply. You will have the opportunity to make friends, plan fun events, give back to our community, get leadership and project planning experience, and make the Skating Club of San Francisco even more wonderful than it already is!

All positions are up for reelection, and we have added some new ones this year.

Positions on the board:

Co-President (Requires at least one year of previous experience on the Junior Council)

Co-Presidents oversee the entire council’s activity. They lead meetings, plan the direction and events of the council, and communicate with the adult SCSF board in bi-monthly meetings.

Vice President (Requires at least one year of previous experience on the Junior Council)

The Vice President works with the Co-Presidents to plan events. They communicate with and manage all the other members of the council. The Vice President assumes the role of the Co-President should either President be absent or step down before the next election cycle.

The secretary documents meetings and provides an emailed copy of every meeting to all members of the junior council including supervisors. They work with the Director of Public Relations to write emails to club members + community.

The treasurer creates the council’s budget. They also manage sales and finance during fundraising events.

Other Officer Positions:

Head of Volunteering (new!)
The head of volunteering plans and executes community service activities + volunteering events. They keep track of each member’s service hours and create volunteer schedules/shifts for events.

Director of Public Relations (new!) 
The Director of Public Relations publicizes events to the club + outward community through flyers, posters, and emails. They also manage the social media of the junior council.

Project Manager (new!) 
The project manager works with the co-presidents and vice president to decide events and activities. They make sure every project has a timeline and that every deadline is met or adjusted if needed. The project manager also gives each person a role in a project.

Council Member
Council members create, plan, and help at programs and events.
If you are applying as a council member, you can skip #3 on the application, and your application will not be voted on by the club. Instead, it will be evaluated by the newly elected Co-Presidents based on qualifications with assistance from the adult board.

The Application-

Write a brief bio about yourself. (3-4 sentences)
What position are you applying for?
What ideas do you hope to implement?
How will you contribute positively to both the council and club? (4-6 sentences)
What is your favorite skating move? 😀

Please email your applications to our club president Dr. Jessica Gaynor at Drjess49@gmail.com and our club secretary Dr. Ted Gradman at tjgradman@yahoo.com.

All applications will be due on Wednesday, October 25. The applications will then be sent out to the club for all junior members to vote on from October 28 to November 4. More details about voting will be available later on. All applicants will be eligible for selection as a Council member.

Feel free to contact Jenny Mao or Shannon Lin at jr.council.co.pres@scsf.org if you have any questions!

Shannon Lin and Jenny Mao
SCSF Junior Council

Volunteer opportunity at 2018 Regional Championships

Please see below to volunteer as a music announcer for either Central Pacific Regionals in Salt Lake City, UT and/or Southwest Pacific Regionals in Ontario, CA.

ISU Adult Championships 2017 results

Congratulations to Ted Gradman who received a gold medal for the Gold Men’s IV Interpretive and a silver medal in Gold Men’s IV freeskating at the ISU adult championships in Vancouver!

For full results and a listing of all competitors, go to http://www.skatinginbc.com/competitions/international/2017-international-adult-figure-skating-competition

SCSF Board Officers for 2017-18

SCSF Board Officers for 2017-18:
President: Jessica Gaynor
Vice President: Kevin Winston
Secretary: Ted Gradman
Treasurer: Sam E. Singer, Jr.

Members at Large:
Caroline Emmett
Barb Fritz
Alexei Folger

The following candidates were elected to serve 2-year terms on the SCSF Board: Alexei Folger; Barb Fritz; Jessica Gaynor; and Kevin Winston.
The Club Officers that were elected in the Annual Business Meeting held Sept 23, 2017 are: President – Dr. Jessica Gaynor; Vice President: Kevin Winston; Treasurer – Sam Singer, Jr., and Secretary – Ted Gradman.

Respectfully submitted: Sam E. Singer, Jr., Nominating Committee Chair.

2018 U.S. Figure Skating Championships Tickets

All-Session and Champions (Senior Free Skate Finals) Ticket packages to the 2018 U.S. Figure Skating Championships are on sale now! Call Matt Hill directly at the SAP Center at 408-977-4736 or email mhill@sharkssports.net for more information. Be sure to mention the Skating Club of San Francisco when purchasing so that our Club can earn incentives! Visit www.skatesanjose2018.com for event information.

National Solo Dance 2017 Results

Congratulations to Dinh Tran, who is the Intermediate Combined Dance Champion for the 2017 National Solo Dance Final!

To view the full Results for the 2017 National Solo Dance Final go to http://www.usfsa.org/content/2017%20NSDF%20All%20results.pdf
A round of applause goes out to our SCSF competitors at this prestigious event! We salute Dinh Tran, Josephine Kaminaga, Lauren Louie, and Felicity Aktan for their accomplishments at this year’s Solo Dance Final.

2017 National Showcase Competition

Results for SCSF skaters at the 2017 National Showcase Competition! Congratulations to our competitors!

Pre Juvenile Lt Ent, Grp A: Megan Li- 9th place, Madison Sass- 13th place
Pre Juvenile Dramatic Ent, Grp A: Christy Lu- 7th place, Megan Li- 14th place
Adult Silver Dramatic Ent: Barb Fritz- 6th place
Adult Silver Interpretive: Barb Fritz- 1st place
Adult Silver Lt Ent: Barb Fritz- 4th place
Interpretive Parade of Champions- Barb Fritz- 13th place