Nominations Open for SCSF Board!

Nominations are now open for the Board of Directors of the Skating Club of San Francisco for 2018-2020.  We welcome all nominations from full club members aged 18 and over.  There are three open positions.  Each Board position runs for a two year term, beginning September 1, 2018 and ending August 31, 2020.  The Board meets once a month either in-person or by teleconference to discuss policy and  relevant club issues.
There are four members of this year’s Nominating Committee, Jessica Gaynor, Alexei Folger and Kevin Winston (voting), and Don Corbiell (non-voting).
If you are interested, please write a brief, one paragraph description of your professional, skating and volunteer background and submit to:
If you want more information about Board responsibilities and the Board of Directors, please feel free to contact:
Nominations from membership to the Board will remain open until July 10.