Save the San Mateo Ice Rink

Tonight, the San Mateo Planning Commission will meet to evaluate the current proposal for the Bridgepointe Ice Rink property. We especially need residents of the city of San Mateo to attend. At this meeting, the Planning Commission will vote on SPI’s proposal to change the Bridgepointe Master Plan zoning from ice rink to retail in exchange for SPI paying the City $8 million. This is a significant increase from SPI’s previous $1 million and $3 million offers. This money would be very timely given the current ice rink proposal in Burlingame.

We are recommending that the City accept this offer if:

1) The City takes a tough stance with SPI and not change the zoning until the entire $8 million has been paid; and

2) The City earmark 100% of the $8 million to a new rink in San Mateo County. This would satisfy the intent of the original Bridgepointe Master Plan.

This is the only item on the agenda so please arrive on time:

Tuesday, February 14
San Mateo City Hall
330 W. 20th Avenue
San Mateo, CA

Also, if you make a public comment, please keep it specific to the proposal at hand ($8 million for an ice rink in exchange for the zoning change). The Commission is well versed in the need for an ice rink and we want to be respectful of their time.

Thanks again for your support and see you on Tuesday night!

Mike Swire and the Committee to Save the San Mateo Ice Rink