Results of Junior Council Elections

We now present to you the 2016 Junior Council Officers! We were very impressed with every single one of the applications that we received and we look forward to working with everyone who applied or is interested in Junior Council during the year. A big congratulations to:

VP of Communications: Erin Lee
Heather Davies
Joelle Faybishenko

All youth skaters can be involved with Junior Council and will have the opportunity to be involved in developing the direction of our activities to make the Junior Council another exciting part of your skating.

We want to thank all skaters who helped out at our fundraiser at Skate San Francisco.

Our next meeting will be on Saturday, September 24, at 8:00 am at Yerba Buena Ice Rink. We will discuss ideas for the year and plan our next activities.

Congratulations again to our new SCSF Junior Council members!

Shannon Lin and Jenny Mao,
Co-Presidents of the Junior Council.